WhatsupMiami-WUM NEWS NEW YORK: Galleria Ca’D’Oro New York Inaugurates "Breaking Surface"

On Thursday, August 13th, 2015, the Rome/Miami/New York-based Galleria Ca’D’Oro in Chelsea inaugurated an exhibition entitled "Breaking Surface," a collective show [On view through September 2nd] featuring works by artists Pauline Chernichaw, Holger Eckstein, Aldara Ortega, Jonathan Godinez, Cheryl Maeder, Matthew David Wachsman, and Andrea Puccetti.

The exhibition showcases the work of both emerging and established artists exploring two sides of a single threshold: the border of water. Water’s skin, like our own, is deceptively permeable, reflects light, is flexing thin sheaths shielding depths from view. But what lies on the other side, past the surface?

A depth of feeling is embedded in each of the photographic and moving images of this group art exhibition. Each artist offers the viewer a stillness through which to search the complex curves and reflections of water’s surface, to weigh the tension between asymmetrical elements against the overall balance these elements yield within the frame.

Within this context, images range from the fanciful to the abstract. West Palm Beach-based artist Cheryl Maeder went to New York for this inauguration at Ca'D'Oro's newest location in Manhattan. "Two of my latest Submerge photographs are shown on this summer exhibition. In this series, I explore the relationship we human beings have with the environment, both in the personal and the universal context," said Cheryl Maeder to WUM. "We as human beings are not separate from the Earth and water represents our connectedness not only to the Earth itself but with each other," she added.

In her Submerge series, Maeder photographed Demi, who is eleven years old. "She appears older than she is but she represents a universal theme. As symbolically and metaphorically, Demi explores the depths of who she is, she at once becomes universal and not separate from the waters surrounding her. She leaps into the pool, and for a few seconds, she is suspended in the womb- like waters. Then she rises again to the surface. The waters represent her explorations as a separate human being seeking her own identity on the Earth," Maeder said.


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