Matthew david wachsman

Matthew David Wachsman





Moving Image artist Matthew David Wachsman seeks life in water’s motion and beauty. Inside his water-based abstractions, he both teases at and undermines the Ganzfield effect, exploring tiny windows of reflections as patterns repeat and incrementally change. He defines the world of the work and then adjusts framing and focus as it develops and the environment changes. While finding inspiration in the works of Bill Viola, Wachsman’s lens is free of the human form as he seeks moments of ravishing wonder and calm.






Beginning, middle, end. Motion, ceased. Color, lost. Death was on the march. These abstract pieces were born in the wake of my parent's passing, each  work a distillation of my search for the respiration of the world. And for beauty. I found them both on the skin of sinuous fingers of water.


I'm a lighting director, camera operator and producer whose credits include feature films, "60 Minutes", "WWE Wrestlemania", ESPN and Golf Channel features. I often create backgrounds behind interview subjects. In these artworks there are no people, and what remains are ever-changing windows. In looking through them I am learning how to see.



Love in So Many Words