Mark Porterfield

I am a licensed architect practicing in Westchester for 27 years and have been involved in photography for over 35 years. I started exhibiting and marketing my work for the last 20 years. I have been published in Audubon Magazine. Most of my work involves the natural world. The works submitted for this show involve my efforts to create the abstract from the real using a form of imaging designed to capture the world as realistically as possible. None of these image has been modified in Photoshop or any other image modifying software except to crop them to fit the final print size. These images are how the lens captured how light has transformed the waters surface. I currently live in Peekskill with my wife Barbara and my 2 cats Noel and Rosario. Except for 5 years at Syracuse University studying architecture I have lived in Westchester my whole life. I am a self taught photographer.

The images are as follows:

 Forest Eyes taken 6/14/14 in Harriman State Park

 Acid taken taken 10/20/12 in Harriman State Park