Holger eckstein

Holger Eckstein





Seascape #1 was taken in an atmosphere of dense fog over the South Atlantic early in the morning.





I balance the more commercial aspects of my work with my passion for fine art photography. In 2011 I was honored with a private exhibition at the prestigious Modern Museum in Tampa, Florida.



In my photographs, I try to make each image appear to be a natural coincidence – even though each one is planned and styled to the last detail. The light, shadow, angles, positions and people are all carefully chosen and arranged. When the viewer feels that the moment that has been captured is real, then I have been successful. All my images are visceral, created more from my gut than in my head.





Born in Cologne Germany, Holger Eckstein became interested in photography

in his youth and studied visual communications, photography and film at the

University in Bielefeld, where, in something of a fait accompli, his future path

as a professional photographer became evident, when, as a student,

he was honored with one prestigious prize after another .


After graduating he opened his first studio in Duesseldorf and began to establish

himself in the worlds of fashion and advertising.


Today Holger is a true citizen of the world. With a notable degree of success

With key fashion and retail brands around the globe, he is in near constant

demand, regularly shooting across the European continent, in America

and throughout the Far East. To facilitate his intense travel schedule, he

maintains residences in Germany, Monaco, and New York.


His client list features an array of the most celebrated names in the industry,

including L’Oreal, Laura Biagiotti, Anne Klein, Avon, Moet Chandon, Porsche,

Saks Fifth Avenue, Chrysler, Cinzano, Mercedes, Elle, Amica, Cosmopolitan,

Hugo Boss and Paul Stuart and lots more. He has photographed such models

and celebrities as Carla Bruni, Ines Sastre, Christy Turlington, Karolina Kurkova

and Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron.