We are five emerging and established artists exploring two sides of a single threshold: the border of water. Water’s skin, like ours, is deceptively permeable, reflects light, is flexing thin sheaths shielding depths from view. What lies on the other side, past the surface? This show is the search we made for our secret selves by breaking surface.


A depth of feeling is embedded in each of the photographic and moving images of this group art exhibit. Each offers the viewer a stillness through which to search the complex curves and reflections of water’s surface, to weigh the tension between asymmetrical elements against the overall balance these elements yield within the frame. Within this context, images range from the fanciful to the abstract. 


Established artist Holger Eckstein’s Water Series #1 is a representational meditation on flexible borders and the stillness that resides inside every motion. His work has been shown in galleries around the world, and he is also a pre-eminent fashion photographer whose work has graced numerous magazine covers.



Fine art photographer Aldara Ortega, who is also a fashion model, captures large-scale idealized female figures celebrating their transformation underwater. Ortega’s images depict a woman’s freedom at the height of her power. Merging her own reflective experiences with those of her subjects, creates harmonious and light-filled works.



Pauline Chernichaw is a visual artist working in fine art photography. She makes water-based abstractions using the surface not only as canvas but as sinuous mirror, both warping and in the thrall of reflected organic and constructed objects. Chernichaw‘s images capture that “decisive moment” in which water surface bends, breaks and becomes an abstract work of art.


Moving image artist, Matthew Wachsman pushes the limits of camera technology and perception in his attempt to capture how beauty changes subtly through time. He shoots exceptionally small windows of water, rendering it both unrecognizable, and yet on a primal level, intimately familiar. Wachsman is a film and television director of photography and producer.


Fine art photographer Jonathan Godinez’ attempted to capture Niagara Falls’ searing speed and power in its magnified broken surfaces. Godinez’ juxtaposition and playful flipping of horizons, together with his color choices flash freezes this familiar landmark into its essence. In addition, Godinez  is a network video editor and professional dancer.



All of their work is meant for lingering and contemplation, like an ocean wave to children, breaking, inspiring wonder.


The Flatz Gallery, Peekskill, New York. June 30th - August 30th, 2016.

Galleria Ca D"Oro, August 18, 2016.




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